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"California has more native species than any other state in the nation and also has the greatest number of endemic species, those that occur nowhere else in the world"

A classroom shouldn't stop at the door and we revel in the luck we were given by having this beautiful coastline as our backyard.


We provide an educational program where girls learn and experience the coastal Southern California landscape together.

Our Adventure Girls will have the opportunity to learn from local professionals including Marine Biologists, Lifeguards, Archaeologists, Environmentalists and more. Beyond the "touch tank" we strive to integrate our field trips with in- class activities woven evenly throughout the program. Art making and crafting is inspired by experiential learning where a girls imagination can run free! 

Of course Summer wouldn't be summer if we didn't have the occasional pool or beach day to have fun and splash around with friends, new and old! From the class to the beach we wouldn't want to leave out classic California water-sports like surfing, body boarding, snorkeling, sailing, SUP-ing and more. Where the Girls can share their knowledge, work on leadership, or experience a new adventure together. 


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Summer is just the beginning...


Long Beach Yacht Club


Long Beach Yacht Club is now graciously hosting Girls Adventure Club!

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